Louis Coussen, Diba Yaneth Mantilla & Family
from Caracas  - Venezuela
You have reached our family contact page, and this is to let you know quickly how to get in touch with any one of us.

Diba Yaneth & Louis may travel from time to time, but remain firm and addicted residents of our nice and “chevere” city of Caracas – in the ever changing Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela.
While David studies at UBC, in Vancouver - British Columbia, Canada – since September 2005 and may be reached thru us, Chloe works with the Paris-based organization of the OECD, enjoying beautiful France.

We review our mails daily, and if you write to the address below, we will quickly come back to you, and provide more family news. Meanwhile, we are all in good health, working hard, and so happy to have friends all around the world...

A Big Hug. Thank you for connecting ...
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